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Rishum16 days ago

Hello Everyone,

On behalf of myself and the SiriusMC staff team, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

I also appear to have been neglecting to post our Discord announcements on our website, so my new year's resolution is to fix that.

December's Top Voters!

December's voting cycle is complete, and as mentioned last month we are now issuing rewards to the top 10 voters instead of just the top 3!

Congratulations to the following player's:

  1. Delgore62 - 120 Votes - $30 Store Coupon
  2. KOBALOI_666 - 120 Votes - $30 Store Coupon
  3. Dbulpitt - 85 Vo...

Hello everyone,

Omnifactory Release!

Our Omnifactory server is now available to join using the following IP address:
The Modpack (v.1.2.2) is available to download on either the Curse, GD or MultiMC launcher! We also recommend allocating 3-4GB to the pack for the optimal playing experience.

This server will be in a short one week Beta period to fix any initial teething issues. Please do not use to connect to this server, as your game will crash. The server currently features a vanilla only Admin Store and o...

Hi Everyone,

Upcoming Omnifactory Server Release

On Monday 19th of July 2021, SiriusMC will release a public Omnifactory server on our network. As many have known, we have been developing this server for some time with custom plugins, mod patches and more!

Omnifactory is an 'expert' style pack based around GregTech, it is quest-based and is a significantly harder modpack than both Tekkit Legends & The 1.12.2 Pack. The pack is easy to run, can easily be played with 3GB of ram allocated & has an estimated completion time of ~600+ hours.

All current donators will have their rank automatical...

Server Status
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